Kennady’s Enigma

Anyone who has ever attempted to have a relationship with Kennady, my granddaughter, understands it is an interesting proposition, frustrating at times but oh so rewarding when you do connect.  Having been born without the majority of her brain, she doesn’t talk, or walk, or do any of the normal things eleven-year-old girls do.  However, I have noticed that when I sing to her or pray with her and God’s presence fills my soul, she immediately lights up with that wonderful smile that then turns into a laughter that grabs me somewhere around my heart, and God, Kennady and I share a moment of pure delight.

There is no guile in Kennady, no self centeredness, nor evil of any kind.  While her body has more problems than most folks can imagine, her soul exists in the same state Adam and Eve did before the fall – complete innocence and purity.  Her dad and I have been contemplating the state of Kennady’s soul and how it fits within the framework of theology.  As most people know who read his blog, he is our pastor and spends a lot of his time studying the Word of God, so I’m usually trying to catch up with his thinking.  This time the issue is: since we are all shaped in iniquity and conceived in sin, where does this leave Kennady? 

Although the debate continues (feel free to put your two cents worth in) we have concluded that God is just, and righteous, and perfect and will not expect any more from Kennady than He made her to be.  My take: even though the seeds of sin might have been in her from birth, (thanks Adam) there has been no soil for those seeds to grow.  

Now, if I can just find the doorway into the world where she exists, my soul will have communion with our Father just as she does.


3 responses to “Kennady’s Enigma

  • ericasteele

    I really liked the analogy of there not being soil for the seeds of sin to grow. She is so precious, all because of Him.

  • pastorrobin

    Good blog, dad. I want to post it on our site.
    The question is: “if we all have fallen short of the glory of God” and we all need a savior, then how does someone like Kennady find Jesus and surrender to Him.
    We do not know what is going on in her mind and like you beautifully stated here, it is obvious that she is connected to God on a deep level. We have experienced her emotions changing quickly based on environment changes. We have seen her show signs of distress and happiness when things happen on television or Erica and I get in an argument. She has a sense of the atmosphere.
    Anyway, I say all that to say that there seems to be a connection between her and the spiritual realm.
    Has she ‘confessed’? Should she be baptized? How is the Spirit manifested in her life?

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