Down on the Farm

Have you ever given something your very best effort and it was not enough?  God gave me a lesson I’ll never forget about letting Him take care of things I can’t seem to do on my own.  

I had sold a couple of bull calves to a neighbor and needed to take them to him.   It was summertime and cattle don’t like to go to the barn when there is plenty of grass to munch on.  Eventually I was able to herd them all into the pens, separated the calves and got the largest one in the trailer, but the smaller one got excited, jumped the 5’ fence like a deer and ran off into the woods.  I took the one calf over to the neighbor and promised to bring the other as soon as possible.  The next afternoon, before I left the house, I prayed a very simple prayer and asked God to help me pen the calf.  Imagine my surprise when I reached the corrals and saw the calf standing in the pen along with a cow and a small calf.  Saying a quick “thank you Jesus”, I shut the gate and proceeded to slowly move the animals into the loading chute, which led to the trailer.  Now that calf weighed about 800 lbs. and it decided that going into the chute was not going to happen.  I worked for about fifteen minutes repeatedly getting him to the chute, only to have him break every time and try to knock me over.

This calf was getting wilder by the minute as he was totally scared and confused by the proceedings and I remembered how God had penned him for me.  Once again I prayed another simple prayer for help and immediately felt a strong urge to just stop and be still.  While standing off to the side I watched the calf trembling all over, with its head and tail up high, and spraying snot with every breath.  This was one disturbed animal.  Then I quietly said to God: “Lord, you put him in the pen and I’m not doing very well at getting him in the trailer.  Would you please help me here?”  As I said these words, I was looking at the calf and instantly his head and tail came down and his body relaxed.  He walked around the cow, went over to the chute, went down it, hopped into the trailer, turned around and looked at me.  I was right behind him so it only took a few seconds to close the trailer gate.  

I was so overcome and humbled that the God of creation would even care about my little problems that I fell down on my knees in that dirty cow lot and sobbed out my thanks to Him. Looking back, I realize I’m so blessed to have this memory during our current circumstances because I know He holds me in the hollow of His hands.  So I urge you, climb up here with me, let’s get real still, and watch Him do His thing.

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  • dtcherer

    Thanks for sharing Rob. We’ve all had our “bull calf” moments and they are unforgettable. Good to hear some encouragment right now. God has been impressing on me the very same sentiments the last 2 days. Must be the season to see God as our provider when all seems hopeless. But what an inner peace that brings! Bring on the bulls – He’ll take care of us!

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